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sabato 16 febbraio 2019, 22:57

Guys Hello,

I have been playing on your server about 1,5 year or something. Today, one of your member banned me in ALTIS DOMINATION. But i'm a helicopter pilot and i have no guilty... Everytime some guy (most of the time the team killer name is Einar) killed me on air when i transporting to people from base to war area... When we crashed because of that f... teamkiller's fire, we died and all fault is mine... Just because of your server rules and trust me guys this is bullshit. I'm a quiet good pilot and also Team Player. I want to play with Justice and fair. That unfair and team killing person "Einar" should be banned NOT ME ! Please unbanned me on your server and ban the true teamkiller.

And also please Fix your server rule. When helicopter crashed on a land, all fault shouldn't be a pilot...

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